A chance meeting...

Tue 27 November 2012 by Ajay Shekhawat

Last wednesday (2012/11/21) I was working from our San Francisco office. Afterwards, a friend and I decided to grab some drinks and then head home. We checked out a couple of bars, and they all seemed dead; so we headed to a bar ("Cantina") where they make a spicy cocktail that I like.

So we just happened to pass by the intersection of Sutter and Stockton, and lo and behold! There, at the corner, was Dillar. He had his accordion with him, and was about to call it a day.

I've been trying to get him to play more "mainstream" music, instead of his own creations. Here's a small video we took:

Here he wants some money for Thanksgiving (initially I refused, because I'm sure he would buy cigarettes, and I prefer to just buy him food; but then I relented). He wanted to buy beer for a party. I gave him the beer money, and bought him 2 roast beef sandwiches ("with mayo and swiss cheese") from the deli nearby. He seems to have gained some weight.

Then on Sunday, I stopped by his room and handed him the CD player that I bought for him. It has 1 CD in it, containing 6 songs. 4 of them are Hindi songs, and 2 classics (Dean Martin's "That's Amore", and Louis Armstrong's "What a wonderful world"), all performed on an accordion. I've promised him that for every song he masters, I will buy him the biggest burrito he can imagine.

Let's hope it works.