Stir-fried spicy okra

Sun 22 August 2010 by Ajay Shekhawat

It is okra season right now, and the farmers' market has great fresh okra on sale. I grabbed a pound to make it "like mom used to make"[*].

You'll need:

  • 1 lb okra
  • 4-6 cloves of garlic, sliced
  • 1 medium red onion, sliced lengthwise in thin long slices
  • 1 ...

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Sat 21 August 2010 by Ajay Shekhawat

The concept of "copyright" fascinates me. I believe humanity as a whole benefits from free and fair exchange of ideas. In this age of the Internet, where I can communicate instantly with almost any other human being on this planet, it appears that our current laws of copyright are more ...

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Thu 12 August 2010 by Ajay Shekhawat

Like a Phoenix, this blog rises again. The itch to start blogging again has struck; but this time I won't be restricted to my "food-stamp diet"!

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End of the experiment

Thu 30 April 2009 by Ajay Shekhawat

Today is the last day of my month-long experiment. For lunch I had some of the daal and some rice; for dinner, more of the daal and some tortillas. I still have some broccoli, bottle-gourd, etc. left over.

I just sat down and calculated how much I spent on food ...

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Noe Farmers market

Wed 29 April 2009 by Ajay Shekhawat

Since I think I'm a bit ahead of my budget, I've had an urge to splurge a little. Hey, even a guy on foodstamps can have some fun once in a while, no?

Today I worked from home, and for lunch, I walked over to the Noe Valley ...

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