"Bolly Cauli"

Sat 11 April 2009 by Ajay Shekhawat

Last week I bought a cauliflower at the farmers market, and some potatoes. Every time these two get together in an Indian house, the end result is "Aloo Gobhi" (Aloo = Potato , Gobhi = Cauliflower), i.e., curried potato and cauliflower. My cookbook calls it "Bolly Cauli", from the movie "Bend it ...

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Sprouted Moong salad

Fri 10 April 2009 by Ajay Shekhawat

After 4 days of sprouting the moong, they were finally ready. And I was ready to chow down too.

The thing about sprouted legumes (like moong) is that they need some help to digest properly. Help in the form of acidity: lemon juice. So I made a delicious sprouted moong ...

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Sprouting goodness

Wed 08 April 2009 by Ajay Shekhawat

One of the healthiest things out there to eat are sprouted legumes; especially moong beans. The beans are fairly inexpensive (you can find organic ones for about $1.25/lb), and very easy to sprout at home. Once sprouted, you can use them to make a nice, nutritious salad; or ...

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Another recipe

Tue 07 April 2009 by Ajay Shekhawat

Inori asked for pictures; well, here it is! On the plate you see two dishes: on the right, my quinoa concoction from yesterday; and on the left, the dish I cooked today (recipe below).

Two dishes that I made this week

On the right is my quinoa concoction from yesterday. You can see the broccoli, the multicolored ...

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Getting into a rhythm

Mon 06 April 2009 by Ajay Shekhawat

After the weekend's foraging trip, I think I'm all set for the week. Now to work on healthy recipes for all these fruits and veggies I bought!

The breakfast situation has drastically improved. I got the 6-grain cereal from Rainbow , and it seems quite healthy and substantial. I ...

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