Weekend loot

Mon 27 April 2009 by Ajay Shekhawat

The weekend came, and along with it the Alemany Farmers Market. One of the biggest gripes I have about my "diet" is that due to the budget constraints, I am forced to pass up delicious-looking veggies for sustenance. I saw nopales cactus leaves on sale for $2/lb ($3/lb ...

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Beet red

Wed 22 April 2009 by Ajay Shekhawat

I forgot to mention that on Sunday, I also picked up a pound of beets at the Mi Tierra!

I am a big fan of beets, despite their benign side effects. My neighborhood cafe, Duboce Park Cafe, has this yummy beet salad with roasted pecans, blue cheese, fresh arugula and ...

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Update, nuts and more

Mon 20 April 2009 by Ajay Shekhawat

The software I use to process my raw images, RawTherapee , broke on my desktop after a software update. But it's fixed now, and I can start updating again.

I have quite a smorgasbord of updates on deck. Let me start with last week.

I was running out of tea ...

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Replenishing supplies

Tue 14 April 2009 by Ajay Shekhawat

My stock from the Farmers Market outing is running out. I'm out of lemons; and you can't have the sprouted moong salad without the lemons! So today I stopped over at the Mi Tierra Market on the way back from work, and picked up the following: a pound ...

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Trouble is brewing...

Mon 13 April 2009 by Ajay Shekhawat

I start my day with a good, strong cup of chai. Until I've had chai, I'm a zombie. Without the desire for brraains, of course.

Chai, of course, is made using black tea. During my FSD ("Food Stamp Diet"), I've been using up the tea I had ...

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